Monkey Zoo

Monkey Zoo

smutvisualart project homoerotic

Monkey Zoo

Film + Bonus features

1080p HD

lenght 120 minutes




The soldier Jon is lost and hungry, in the woods there is nothing to eat. It’s also very hot, the clothes bother him when walking on the river, nobody can see him, he’s alone and naked now. Suddenly… food! ripe plums!mmmm…delicius, but…something happens, now it’s much hotter and Jon feels horny. Crush the fruit and jerk off hard with the juice. Hereinafter the forest looks like another and this surrealist adventure continues. Jon is getting hotter but in the place is the solution: a couple of gorgeous men playing like monkeys secretly. Quickly, the soldier takes the opportunity to come while spies these cheeky guys fucking a melon like rabbits. There are also bananas, butterflies, the Virgin and some curious that takes advantage of to touch the dudes penises. The oasis of pleasure, a gift for hungry eyes.


The outtakes and the blooper reel of the film.


1 file: film; size 6,53 GB; type mp4; quality 1080p HD; lenght 01:20:21

2 file: bonus features; size 1,48 GB; type mp4; quality 1080p HD; lenght 00:23:41

smutvisualart project gay ecosexual
SmutVisualArt project gay ecosexual
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