Fit Narcissus

Fit Narcissus

smutvisualart project homoerotic

Fit Narcissus

Film + Bonus features

1080p HD

lenght 108 minutes




The male beauty in our days, go to the gym and drink protein. Big body, big muscles, big cock… all big, being a Macho man. Our Narcissus isn’t very Macho but everything will come, a labor of self love. Inspired by Pink Narcissus (1972), homoerotic film by James Bidgood. We have made the homopunk version. The male nude, the cult to the body, to be the object of desire. This gym is Paradise but there is also a dark room. Nudist situations in a wet dream, physical exercice with the hard cock is much better. Much more than a homoerotic film. Retro-experimental gay porn film about the new egocentrism, the trendy myth of Narcissus.


Enjoy the casting of our latin Narcissus, the extended version of the naked yoga with piss and other hot videos.


1 file: film; size 3,64 GB; type mp4; quality 1080p HD; lenght 01:21:22

2 file: bonus features; size 841 MB; type mp4; quality 1080p HD; lenght 00:25:54

smutvisualart project homoerotic
Smutvisualart project homoerotic
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