Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist

Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist

homopunk exhibitionist movie

Yo exhibicionista / I exhibitionist. Trilogy

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“Yo exhibicionista / I exhibicionist. Trilogy”. Exploring the new exhibitionism and researching in the creation of a new porn free of stereotypes and far from the obvious. A fresh and new approach to gay sex and gay porn in this first film of a planned trilogy. The cast are Grinder men, next door guys all of them amateur performers who want to live the crazy experience of doing porn. With these films the SmutVisualArt Project’s adventure stars. And that’s why the Making of!

Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist            Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist            Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist

–The after party. Does not matter if you are the host’s dog and eat the cocks of the guests secretly. Bobby will be severely punished for the enjoyment of the guests, will be bond and tortures by four hands and two months. This dog has to learn not to eat unknown cocks, being vegetarian means fucking with vegetables. The battle between the twink vs. the bald daddy, who will have more followers? the fight between being nasty and being sexy. It’s the time to take out the phone and record how the younger ride the dad. This after party orgy is far from stereotypes and full of surprises and playful sexual encounters between men in some grotesque and fanciful outfits. Film screened at the 12 Porn Film Festival Berlin: “…a true, typical Pornfilmfestival film!”

porn film festival Berlin

–Dress code.In this photo shooting party there are many cameras, there’s even a real voyeur. Our models love to be recorded and do very spicy videos without pants to share. The model’s cock is a delicious piece of meat and his boyfriend a medium-sized clown. The clown’s penis is very restless and does not stop dancing. But before of the session something happens in the backstage. A photographer who works very hard keeping the models cocks erects to get the best photo with the best prespective. Meanwhile, a anonymous voyeur tries to see everything that happens and record all with the iPhone, but it’s seems that if someone looks at the models they act better. Film screened at the Fish & Chips International Erotic Film Festival 2018 Turin.

fish and chips homopunk

-The private show. Earn money from home, just have to show the asshole and follow the instructions. The more uninhibited you are, the more visitors are going to have. Be a Porn Star from your room, invite good friends to improve the party. Don’t be shy, your cock seems bigger from the screen. Keep your visitors enterentained, feel sexy, move on… don’t be a vegetable, enjoy your rock hard and bubble ass, play with camera closing your cock head to enjoy the precum. Easy, quick and honey money; the only rule: No tips= no show. Lucky guys, too much dirty work in a short time. Who watch from home ask for everything, want to see all of these guys. The performers are going to show us dicks dripping and asses wide open. Too hot for the soldier… and the firts one ends. The show goes on: up and down, close and closer, enjoying, holding and making enjoy. The rapper fucks daddy hard but he wants more.

–The making of. The casting, deleted scenes, behind scenes, the back stage, the fluffler and other videos to enjoy. Two hours of extra material.


Behind scenes, castings and deleted scenes.


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