PornStar4aDay vs. TheSword

Let’s take a visit to an underground “creative porn” studio and find out why they call “PornStar4ADay” director J. Soler Spain’s mad smut artist.

When someone sends you a photo of three roast chickens being stored in their refrigerator – what do you imagine? That there was a special at the grocery store and your friend is a big poultry connoisseur? But if the photo comes from J. Soler, you kind of have to question what you know – and assume that somehow, those poor little chickens are getting fucked on camera.


So it was last week as I sat down to interview Soler, the sexy Spanish filmmaker behind the SmutVisualArt Project, an underground “creative porn” studio which has released several features that have been getting acclaim on the Internet.


Soler’s feature PornStar4aDay is the first title by the studio added to Naked Sword Film Works, but surely not the last. A raucous, raunchy spoof of the amateur casting porn genre, PornStar4aDay forces its porn star hopefuls to do some very silly and surprisingly sexy things in their pursuit of “stardom”. Soler’s films are molded in the vein of the “homopunk” genre which began in Europe in the early 2000s, famously popularized by


In these films, actors put on crazy costumes and perform in ways mainstream porn would never dare allow. Soler’s films carry on this spirit, imbuing scenes with a positive energy…..continue reading in


This is the film


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