Pornhub and the indie porn filmmakers

Days to share. World standards for all audiences. The chaos of the digital world and the control of mature content. The error of categories and tags.

Video fragment from the film “Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist

There is not place for eroticism and creative porn. Pornhub is the big container of bad quality porn. Between amateur videos and the typical porn. There are not categories for those searching for a different free porn videos. The place without law but with the most demanding police control.

The ridiculous gif

Expressions and short actions; poor quality vs. high speed; the loop of madness.

The gif wants your attention so has to be quick and shocking. Made with pics of a specific moments arranged chronologically and views quickly, like a old silent movies.  The digital neon lights.


The gif is not art when is a stolen image and usually is to choose the moment of another visual support. The gib is the descontextualization of a fact.

#DataArt gifs, no specific gif format and experimental work progress

#DataArt gif video of “PornStar4aDay

#DataArt original twitter gif of “Friends, football & porncorn

Naked golden photo shooting

Marc Sánchez exposed naked and horny for “Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist. Dress code

For the sexy actor to keep the hard cock for this photo shooting was easy. There are cocks that have been born to be remembered. Marc likes his cock and loves to show it.

We made it for “Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist. Dress code”, a tangled homopunk porn film. With the second chapter of the exhibitionists Marc arrives at the places where being dressed is not important.

Marc is a 24 years old cute spanish dude. Marc takes care of his body, his erotic model work demands it.  When he is horny his 19 centimeters cock is rock hard and very fat, Marc’s cock is special and he know it. In the film Marc poses naked and does not hesitate to cum for the camera lent.


Experimental trash art project

#DataArt: art to be deleted.

  • The new media, freedom of expression and the ephemeral creation.
  • The social and political changes in the network.
  • Popularity and moral limits.
  • The forbidden and the anonymous.
  • Something original easy to understand and quick to make.

Sunday Morning

president lips baixa

The Other President’s Lips

Poof Kiss

Daddy Albino

Tag Stars

I Love Porn

flacid baix

Flaccid Penis

Patriarchal Terrorism


PornStar4aDay vs. TheSword

The call of Adam Baran (NSFW curator) about all this shit

Porn Star 4 a Day TheSword

Let’s take a visit to an underground “creative porn” studio and find out why they call “PornStar4ADay” director Jordi Soler Spain’s mad smut artist.

When someone sends you a photo of three roast chickens being stored in their refrigerator – what do you imagine? That there was a special at the grocery store and your friend is a big poultry connoisseur? But if the photo comes from Jordi Soler, you kind of have to question what you know – and assume that somehow, those poor little chickens are getting fucked on camera.


So it was last week as I sat down to interview Soler, the sexy Spanish filmmaker behind the SmutVisualArt Project, an underground “creative porn” studio which has released several features that have been getting acclaim on the Internet.


Soler’s feature PornStar4ADay is the first title by the studio added to Naked Sword Film Works, but surely not the last. A raucous, raunchy spoof of the amateur casting porn genre, PornStar4ADay forces its porn star hopefuls to do some very silly and surprisingly sexy things in their pursuit of “stardom”. Soler’s films are molded in the vein of the “homopunk” genre which began in Europe in the early 2000s, famously popularized by


In these films, actors put on crazy costumes and perform in ways mainstream porn would never dare allow. Soler’s films carry on this spirit, imbuing scenes with a positive energy…..continue reading in


PornStar4aDay” film pics