Muses. Art to be deleted

Experimental art project about the nudity and sexuality limits on Vimeo today. “Muses” dares.

Vimeo is the place designed for artists who want to promote their creation through videos, but also Vimeo is a place frequented by the little one looking for penises in non-pornographic contexts.


Vimeo is the favorite place for the lovers of nude and erotism. The Vimeo’s idea is wonderfull but things are changing. For the moment you can find flaccid penises in video-art, performances or lives based on nudism. You can also find a erect penis but is possible that this video will be deleted in a short time, depends on whether that video has been reported by many users. Then there is the valuation of the Vimeo worker based on the regulations on explicit content. 

Contains sexually explicit content or pornography (provided, however, that non-sexual nudity is permitted)


So that Vimeo questions video nude works like an artistic expression “Muses” is my proposal, with this performative experience I hope answer this question:


– Number of visits and likes depending on whether the video contains:

 .pubic hair without penis. 

 .full frontal male nude with flaccid penis in non-sexual position.

 .full frontal male nude with flaccid penis in sexual position.

“Muses” are three 25 seconds videos in the video art categorie. Four modern Data Art versions of classical nude sculptures well-known.

Muses 1

Muses 2

Muses 3