“far of sterotypes & full of surprises…”

Monkey Zoo

A summer adventure… walking through the woods I fond a rabbit, two monkeys, the Vigin and my friend Jon

Friends, football & porncorn

Welcome to the naked cheeky guys house where walking with hard cock at home is normal.

Fit Narcissus

A homopunk version of the 70’s film. A trendy homoerotic myth.


A raucous spoof of the amateur porn genre.


Enjoy the hottest video call with these alt guys ready to everything to come together in Skype.

Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist. Trilogy

Playful sexual encounters in some grotesque and fanciful outfits.

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About us

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We understand pornography as entertainment for sexual arousal, we like sex and we understand masturbation as a habitual practice in society, that’s why we developed this project to normalize pornography as a resource for the enjoyment of sexuality. We do not want to compete with anything, we intend to expand the offer for the enjoyment of porn. Under these same words, we are creating a porn that is almost non-existent: creative porn, different from artistic porn, as our great objective is the excitement of the viewer.

Our porn is based on the idea of empathizing with the viewer, offer in image and audio everything to keep him attentive to the screen, so you do not have to search the best moment in the movie to cum. For this we play with the fluidity of the images and surprising moments.

We experiment in the methods of creating films, from the amateur video to the realization of the most edited videoclip. All in the same movie.

We make porn movies with concept, we do not invent anything, we look at what exists on the internet and it is viral. What attracts people, what transforms today’s society. The media and the Internet are changing social morality, exposure of the human body is available to all those who have a webcam and Internet connection. Our films start from the reality by idealizing and being ironic and expanding it with creative, artistic and technological resources.

Our tags: homopunk, creative porn, POV, cnmn, behind the scenes, cam, selfi, party, strippers, nude dancers, nudity, exhibitionism, voyeur, conceptual porn, XXX, gay, food play, porn for women, queer, kinky, exposed guys, close up, real life, full frontal, pop porn, spanish new porn … grotesque and explicit content in an homoerotic context.  In our movies the guys fuck hard but they also do the helicopter cock.

Jordi Soler is the producer of SmutVisualArt Project, his education and professional career is focused on stage creation: contemporary dance, performance and physical theater. Formed between Barcelona and Berlin in contemporary artistic circles. His scenic creation is shown in Spain, France, Germany, UK and Poland, being invited to international festivals. He receives the recognition of his creation being awarded with different scholarships to continue developing his performing arts creation. In 2016 the process of creation in creative pornography begins, seeing the need to make current porn more variable, different from the one that already exists, betting on something more appropriate to changes in human thinking and evolution of communication technologies. A curious pornography, more attractive and with the aim to satisfy the needs of new consumers of porn and bored old consumers in search of the surprising. The SmutVisualArt Project films are screened at independent international porn festivals.